Gray Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains
Mountain-Prairie Region

Gray Wolf Recovery Status Report

From:               Gray Wolf Recovery Coordinator, Helena, MT 2/15/2008

Subject:            Status of Gray Wolf Recovery, Week of 2/08/08 to 2/15/08

NEW WEB ADDRESS- 2007 annual interagency wolf report [covering all 2006] can be viewed at .   The 2008 report will be available by March 1, 2008.


Nothing new to report.  Efforts are on focused on completing the 2007 interagency report. 


MT WS investigated a dead 2-day old calf between Feely and Divide, MT on the 13th.  There was not enough left of the carcass to determine cause of death.  However, a single set of wolf tracks were present and Bart set traps to try to trap/collar/release this individual wolf.

On the 15th, ID WS investigated report that wolves had killed a month old calf on a private ranch near Clearwater, ID.  While something, most likely coyotes, had fed on the carcass, there was no indication that the calf was a victim of predation.


Nothing new to report.

Information and Education and Law Enforcement

On the 12th, Bradley (MFWP) gave a talk at the Ninemile ranger station to members of the Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup and local residents.  About 25 people attended.

On the 15th, Bradley (MFWP) talked to 2 biology classes at Sentinel High School (~30 students) in Missoula.

Holyan [NPT] presented "Wolf Ecology and Management" to the Conservation Biology class at College of Idaho (formerly Albertson's College) on 2/11.  Approximately 40 were in attendance; students and other interested parties.

JOB- Biological Science Technician, GS-0404-06 at Yellowstone National Park.  See website:   BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE TECHNICIAN- Open to Friday, February 20, 2008.  Announcement number YL172667 and YL172708.

JOB- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is advertising for a wolf biologist job (GS-7/9/11) in Alpine, AZ.  The person would work for John Oakleaf [USFWS].  It is primarily a field position; duties include trapping and radio-collaring, wolf monitoring, talking to local ranchers and others, and coordinating the volunteer program.  The position is listed on USA JOBS  DS169212-BM and is open until Feb 27.

JOB- The Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit is hiring summer technicians for wolf research in Idaho. The job announcement is posted at .

Holyan [NPT] presented "Wolf Ecology and Management" to the Conservation Biology class at College of Idaho (formerly Albertson's College) on the 11th.  Approximately 40 students and other interested parties attended.

The Service's weekly wolf report can be viewed at .  This report is government public property and can be used for any purpose.  Please distribute as you see fit.

Contact: Ed Bangs (406)449-5225 x204 or ED_BANGS@FWS.GOV

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