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Fact Sheets Available

  1. Getting to Know the Grizzly

  2. Tips for Elk Hunters in Grizzly Country

  3. Tips for Black Bear Hunters in Grizzly Country

  4. How to Avoid Grizzly Bears

  5. Know the Signs of the Grizzly

  6. The Misunderstood Bear

  7. Close Encounters with Grizzlies

  8. Bear Spray vs. Bullets:  Which Offers Better Protection?

  9. Tips for Residents in Grizzly Country

  10. What Do Grizzly Bears Eat?

  11. Will the Supply of Whitebark Pine Nuts Affect the Grizzlies in Yellowstone?

  12. Wildfires and Grizzly Bears

  13. Bear Safety on the Web

  14. For More Information on Living with Bears