Public comments on Alternatives 1 through 4 are presented in this portion of the report.  Within the discussion of each alternative, text is broken into three sections: comments favoring the alternative; comments against it, and comments suggesting modifications.  Within each of these sections, issues mentioned in the Draft EIS are addressed providing there were comments relating to those issues.  In this way it will be clear what respondents like or dislike about any alternative.  The other comments received on issues are found in the second major portion of this report.  A summary of each alternative is presented at the beginning of each alternative discussion.

No respondents suggested combining aspects of one alternative with another;   however, some recommended entirely different alternatives.  These suggestions are provided following the discussions of Alternatives 1 through 4.

In the following discussions on Alternatives, representative quotes from respondents' letters, testimonies, etc. are used to illustrate what the majority of people said about particular issues.  In order to protect the integrity of the individuals' responses, the quotes used are exactly as provided, including syntax mistakes, grammatical errors, and some misinterpretation of the data.