Mountain-Prairie Region
Long-billed Curlew
Small Grant Program

FWS-R6 will be accepting projects for funding taken from the Long-billed Curlew action items; these are for small grants (< 10K). The final Long-billed Curlew action plan and prioritized list of action items can be found in the recently completed Long-billed Curlew Status Assessment and Conservation Action Plan <http://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/species/birds/longbilled_curlew/>. FWS should only be one of the funding partners in any project submitted. We would be happy to discuss with you any proposals which address these actions items, and you are welcome to submit a pre-project proposal (including a budget) for discussion with Stephanie Jones, stephanie_jones@fws.gov, 303-236-4409. However, all requests must eventually be formally submitted through grants.gov (details on this process are below) in order to be considered for funding. (Note: If you are with a Federal agency, we would be glad to receive a proposal from you, but you are not required to comply with Grants.gov and you do not have to complete the SF-424 referenced in the RFP.)

To access the funding announcement:

begin by going to: http://grants.gov/applicants/find_grant_opportunities.jsp
on the left side in the red box go to "Find Grant Opportunities"
click on "Advanced Search"
under key word search type "migratory"; check box to indicate "Search In: Open Opportunities"; leave all other boxes empty
this should bring up about 3 announcements -- look for the Region 6 Migratory Bird Program -- click on title to bring up the announcement
although it indicates that it is only a synopsis, this is the full announcement -- clicking on "full announcement" will not get you more information
click on "Application" at the top for the packet you will need to complete; click on "download" to either open or save the packet
you can return your completed packet through grants.gov, email, fax, or regular mail to Suzanne Fellows

For any questions regarding the completion of forms, please contact Suzanne Fellows (303-236-4417; suzanne_fellows@fws.gov).

Any questions regarding project proposals, please contact Stephanie Jones or Suzanne Fellows (see contact information, above).

LBCU 2010 breeding projects should be submitted before 30 March 2010, for funding this year; however, we may not be able to execute funding agreements until June or July. Therefore, you should not assume that this money will be available for 2010 breeding-season field projects. I encourage you to contact us to discuss possible projects before you develop proposals to ensure that your submission meets the sideboards of the RFP. Winter projects will be accepted through 15 July.

Last updated: December 15, 2009