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Wyoming Toad (Bufo baxteri)


Wyoming Toad

Adult snout-vent length averages about 2.2 inches.  Females grow slightly larger than males.  The dorsal surface of the body has rounded warts intermediate in size between those of the Great Plains toad (Bufo cognatus) and the Boreal toad (Bufo boreas).  The cranial crests fuse medially to form an elongated boss, a ridge with a median groove, or paired ridges.  The boss is often cornified.  Postorbital ridges are indistinct or absent.  The tympanum is round, smaller than the eye.  Cutting tubercles on the hind foot are well developed.  Background color is dark brown, gray, or greenish with small dark blotches and a rather indistinct median line.  Some individuals have well defined light lateral stripes. The belly is spotted; males have a dark throat.  Photographic analysis has shown that individual toads can be identified by the variation in their skin color and wart patterns.
 This toad can be distinguished by other toad species present in Wyoming by the small adult size and by the fused cranial crests.


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