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Photos courtesy of Krissy Wilson, Division of Wildlife Resources

News Release - August 30, 2002 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Concludes No Need to Put Wasatch Front Population of Columbia Spotted Frog on Endangered List

Federal Register Notice: August 30, 2002: 12-Month Finding for a Petition To List the Wasatch Front Columbia Spotted Frog as Threatened Throughout Its Range

Questions and Answers Regarding Wasatch Front Population of Columbia Spotted Frog and the 12-Month Finding.

Conservation Agreement and Strategy for Spotted Frog - January 22, 1998 - Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (77 page, 2,782 KB PDF file)

Conservation Agreement and Strategy: Annual Progress Report 2000, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Published July 2001 (35 page, 1870 KB PDF format file)

Status Report: Status Review for the Columbia Spotted Frog on the Wasatch Front, Utah (08/2002)


Wasatch Front Spotted Frog DPS

Current Spotted Frog Population

Spotted Frog Geographic Management Units


Archived Information
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serviced published in the Federal Register on August 30, 2002, a finding that the Wasatch Front population of Columbia spotted frog does not warrant listing as an endangered species.

  • Federal Register Notice: September 10, 2001: Status of the Wasatch Front Population of the Spotted Frog

  • Federal Register Notice: April 2, 1998: New 12-month Finding for a Petition to List the Utah Wasatch Front and West Desert Populations of Spotted Frog

  • Memorandum from Regional Director, Region 6 - March 3, 1998 - Subject: New Administrative 1-Year Finding on a Petition to List the Wasatch Front and West Desert Populations (Utah) of Spotted Frog Under the Endangered Species Act.


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