Region 6, Mountain-Prairie Region, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuges in the Mountain-Prairie Region


North Dakota
 Arrowwood NWR
     Arrowwood WMD
          Johnson Lake NWR
     Chase Lake NWR
          Chase Lake WMD
          Chase Lake Prairie Project
          Valley City WMD
          Tomahawk NWR
          Stoney Slough NWR
          Sibley Lake NWR
          Half-way Lake NWR
          Hobart Lake NWR
 Audubon NWR and WMD
     Lake Patricia NWR
     Camp Lake NWR
     Hiddenwood NWR
     Lake Ilo NWR
     Lake Nettie NWR
     Lake Otis NWR
     Lost Lake NWR
     McLean NWR
     Pretty Rock NWR
     Sheyenne Lake NWR
     Stewart Lake NWR
     White Lake NWR
 Des Lacs NWR
     Lostwood NWR
     Lostwood WMD
         Shell Lake NWR
     Crosby WMD
          Lake Zahl NWR
 Devils Lake WMD
     Brumba NWR
     Kellys Slough NWR
     Lake Alice NWR
     Ardoch NWR
     Lambs Lake NWR
     Little Goose NWR
     Pleasant Lake NWR
     Rock Lake NWR
     Rose Lake NWR
     Silver Lake NWR
     Snyder Lake NWR
     Stump Lake NWR
     Sullys Hill NGP
     Wood Lake NWR
 J. Clark Salyer NWR and WMD
     Buffalo Lake NWR
     Cottonwood NWR
     Lords Lake NWR
     Rabb Lake NWR
     School Section Lake NWR
     Williw Lake NWR
     Wintering River NWR
National Wildlife Refuges
Tewaukon NWR Sullys Hill Arrowwood NWR Long Lake NWR Lake Ilo NWR Chase Lake NWR Audubon NWR Lake Zahl NWR Des Lacs NWR Upper Souris NWR J. Clark Salyer NWR Lostwood NWR Lake Alice NWR North Dakota map showing the location of National Wildlife Refuges

Detailed Refuge Map with Counties and Roads (94 KB)

Wetland Management Districts
Lostwood WMD Audubon WMD Crosby WMD Devils Lake WMD J. Clark Salyer WMD Long Lake WMD Tewaukon WMD Chase Lake Map showing the Wetland Management Districts in North Dakota

Detailed Wetland Management District map with county lines

 Kulm WMD
     Bone Hill Creek NWR
     Dakota Lake NWR
     Maple River NWR
 Long Lake NWR
     Wetland Management District
     Florence Lake NWR
     Slade NWR
     Appert Lake NWR
     Canfield Lake NWR
     Hutchinson Lake NWR
     Lake George NWR
     Springwater NWR
     Sunburst Lake NWR
 Tewaukon NWR and WMD
     Storm Lake NWR
     Wild Rice Lake NWR
 Upper Souris NWR

North Dakota contains 63 National Wildlife Refuges, more than any other state.  These 63 refuges encompass more than 290,000 acres.  In addition, there are 11 Wetland Management Districts with over 254,000 acres of Waterfowl Production Areas.

Photos of wildlife found in North Dakota National Wildlife Refuges and Wetland Management DistrictsChase Lake NWR has the largest breeding colony of white pelicans in North America.

Two major geological areas divide Devils Lake WMD.   The Northeastern Drift Plain, consisting of many shallow potholes or lakes scattered among rolling hills, covers the western two-thirds of Devils Lake, while an old lake bed, a remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz, covers the Red River Valley in the east.

J. Clark Salyer NWR is the largest Refuge in North Dakota and most diverse in terms of habitat.  The Refuge includes freshwater marshes, open grasslands, riparian corridors, flood plains, wet meadows, and a sandhill formation with an oak/aspen forest and sand prairie.

Cultural resources at Lake Ilo NWR show over 11,000 years of continuous occupation.

One of the highest known populations of sharp-tailed grouse in the U.S. is found at Lostwood NWR.

The diversity of bird life at Long Lake NWR has brought national recognition to the area as one of the nation's top ten birding "hot spots".

Sullys Hill National Game Preserve offers great opportunities to see and photograph large game animals and a variety of neotropical birds occupying the forested habitat.

Tewaukon NWR is the only refuge in North Dakota in the northern tallgrass prairie pothole region. Unique butterfly species such as the Dakota Skipper and Regal Fritillary; birds including bobolinks, grasshopper sparrows, upland sandpipers and northern harriers; and plant species consisting of big bluestem, Indian grass, porcupine grass, blazing star, coneflowers and lead plant can be found there.

Upper Souris NWR provides visitors with many hours of enjoyable outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, birdwatching, wildflower identification, canoeing, picnicking, wildlife photography and berry picking.

North Dakota Ecological Services Field Office - Bismarck, North Dakota

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