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Mountain-Prairie Region


Year 2000 State Briefing Books

These briefing books contain information about U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service activities in each state of the Mountain-Prairie Region for the year 2000.  This information includes descriptions and activities of:: National Wildlife Refuges, Fisheries Offices, Ecological Services Offices, Fish and Wildlife Service Management Assistance Offices, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Law Enforcement, Migratory Bird Conservation, Federal Aid-Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration, North American Waterfowl Management Plans, Wildlife Habitat Acquisition Offices, Fire Management, and various special programs..

Each Briefing book is in Adobe PDF Format.

Colorado              (127KB)
North Dakota
       (146 KB)
Montana              (135 KB)
             (87 KB)
South Dakota       (115 KB)
Utah                     (96 KB)
Wyoming              (95 KB)