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April 2, 1996

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The late John W. Hollingsworth, Jr., noted wildlife photographer and long-time resident of Bellevue, CO, was remembered March 16 as the Art Gallery in the new National Wildlife Visitor Center, near the Nation's capitol, was dedicated to him.

Several of his photographs will be on permanent display in the "Hollingsworth Gallery," along with the works of other wildlife photographers and artists on a rotational basis. His photographs were exhibited at the grand opening of the Visitor Center in October 1994.

Hollingsworth's outstanding contributions to the National Wildlife Refuge System also will be recognized by the Interior Department's "Conservation Service Award," the highest award conferred on members of the private sector. In addition, a trail is being constructed and will be named for him at the Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, with a bench overlooking his favorite view of Maine's "Downeast Coast."

Hollingsworth, and his wife and partner, Karen, devoted their photography business to the National Wildlife Refuge System, the world's most outstanding network of lands dedicated to wildlife. It is operated by the Interior Department's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Hollingsworths are known with affection throughout the System for their beautiful photographs of wildlife, wildlands, and the work of Refuge System people who have dedicated their careers to the management and protection of these natural resources. They visited and photographed at more than 400 of the 508 National Wildlife Refuges across the country, routinely donating original transparencies for Refuge use in education and outreach activities.

They have published their wildlife photographs in calendars since 1993, and in a coffee table book, "Reflections of Nature," and donated a portion of the proceeds to the Refuge System. Their works also appear on posters, exhibits, slide shows, and in national publications.

Karen Hollingsworth is continuing Worm Press, the photography and publishing business which they pursued full-time after leaving careers in 1988 as an engineer and travel agency manager. The 1997 Refuge System calendar will go to the printer this month and she expects to start traveling and photographing soon for the 1998 calendar, which will feature endangered species found on National Wildlife Refuges. She will soon have a "home page" on the Internet, called "Refuge Net," featuring photographs and articles on the Refuge System.

John and Karen Hollingsworth "discovered" the National Wildlife Refuge System in 1984 when they visited and photographed at the Bosque del Apache Refuge in Socorro, NM. "It is incredibly beautiful," says Karen. "We always liked to photograph nature and wildlife at parks and other places, but from that time on, our subject was the National Wildlife Refuge System."

A native of Philadelphia, where his mother still resides, John Hollingsworth set out to drive to Alaska in the late 1960s but winter stranded him in Colorado. He made his home there until his death in 1995.

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