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May 7, 2010

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Note to Editors:  Pdf File of Winning Artwork Available Upon Request


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced Hunter LaLone, a 13 year old Boy Scout from Troop 536 in Littleton, took top honors by winning the “Best of Show” in Colorado at the 2010 Junior Duck Stamp Contest. Hunter’s artwork was selected from hundreds of amazing entries from across Colorado. His colored pencil and oil pastel rendition of an Emperor Goose, entitled "Sun Bath,” will represent Colorado at the National Junior Duck Stamp Competition in Washington, D.C. at the end of April.


Entries from Colorado were judged by a panel of waterfowl enthusiasts, biologists and professional wildlife artists. Recognition for all participants and prizes for the top 25 drawings in each of four age groups (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12) are awarded each year.


This year’s award ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 15th from 1-3pm at The Arvada Center for The Performing Arts.  Matt Hogan, the Service’s Assistant Regional Director for Migratory Birds and State Programs, will be the keynote speaker and will help honor the winners at the Award Ceremony.  All members of the public, including teachers, students, and families are welcome to join the celebration. The festivities will include a waterfowl booth staffed with a Service employee who can answer questions, explain the displays and pass out free take-home items to attending children.


First Place winners in all (age) categories:

Best of Show – Hunter LaLone (13), Littleton

1st – Millie Schreibman (16), Greeley

1st – Colter Rex (16), Golden

1st – Greta Erickson (15), Elbert

1st – Kaloyan Athannassov (15), Colorado Springs

1st – Sydnee Dupon (14), Ft. Collins

1st – Hunter Lalone (13), Littleton

1st – Tate Dupon (12), Ft. Collins

1st – Catherine Liu (10), Ft. Collins

1st – Taylor Aguilera (10), Ft. Collins

1st – Miranda Sutherland (7), Ft. Collins

1st – Rohit Pandit (7), Ft. Collins

1st – Sydney Stanley (7), Ft. Collins


Second Place winners in all (age) categories:

2nd – Janet Hilty (17), Denver

2nd – Katie Tobin (16), Aurora

2nd – Summer Trent (16), Glenwood Springs

2nd – Laura McAnnich (15), Denver

2nd – Anisa Heins (14), Broomfield

2nd – Adara Pauluhn (12), Boulder

2nd – Sophia Lovato (11), Monument

2nd – Adam Schlagenhauf (9), Ft. Collins

2nd – Tristen Smith (9), Ft. Collins

2nd – Vanessa Chacon (8), Loveland

2nd – Carson Willie (8), Boulder

2nd – Jimmy Howard (8), Boulder


Third Place winners in all (age) categories:

3rd – Emily Bertelson (17), Longmont

3rd – Kelsey Holt (17), Lakewood

3rd – Juan Alvear (15), Denver

3rd – Kathleen Boylen (15), Monument

3rd – Aspen Pauluhn (14), Boulder

3rd – Tessa Marquardt-Burell (14), Ft. Collins

3rd – Taylor Hughes (12), Greeley

3rd – Melody Sutherland (11), Ft. Collins

3rd – Elijah Lowen (10), Greeley

3rd – Anneka Pawlak (8), Boulder

3rd – Sara Rey (8), Boulder

3rd – Tara Burtness (8), Boulder


Honorable Mention winners in all (age) categories:


HM – Christopher Friend (18), Pueblo

HM – Cody Rutter (18), Denver

HM – Kayla Horen (18), Denver

HM – Joseph Kipp (18), Denver

HM – Sandy Lugo (18), Pueblo

HM – Bailey Price (18), Pueblo

HM – Courtney Lee (18), Pueblo

HM – Julia Super (18), Denver

HM – Kendal Melanson (17), Fairplay

HM – Jenna Mckellips (16), Denver

HM – Alexandra Denton (16), Denver

HM – Meredith Buchholz (16), Denver

HM – Kyle Baker (16), Denver

HM – Kaycee Tanksley (16), Denver

HM – Niki Gilliland (16), Denver

HM – Tatiana Hurran (15), Pueblo

HM – Chance Hendrix (15), Elbert

HM – Laura Elson (15), Pueblo

HM – Anna Rose McDevitt (15), Denver

HM – Alicia Fish (15), Colorado Springs

HM – Jessica Yu (14), Denver

HM – Michael Pistilli (14), Greenwood Village

HM – Austin King (14), Greenwood Village

HM – Gustavo Ugueto-Rey (14), Greenwood Village

HM – Allison Marshall (13), Greenwood Village

HM – Kai-Bin Ooi (13), Greenwood Village

HM – Kaylin Schultz (13), Ft. Collins

HM – Natasha Lovato (13), Monument

HM – Ian Gannon (13), Denver

HM – Sabrina Aumiller (12), Colorado Springs

HM – Athena Alvear (12), Denver

HM – Mathews Clarkson (12), Greeley

HM – Christine Aughinbaugh (12), Greeley

HM – Cody Pranger (12), Elbert

HM – Clancy Colm (12), Greenwood Village

HM – Emily Bonine (12), Elbert

HM – Autumn Moya (11), Greeley

HM – Maddison Hogan (11), Lafayette

HM – Reilly Franek (11), Elbert

HM – Alexandra Multer (11), Greeley

HM – Delaney Morrow (11), Greeley

HM – Colby Dalrymple (10), Colorado Springs

HM – Eddy Warburton (10), Greenwood Village

HM – Hunter Larson (10), Greeley

HM – John Clark (10), Greeley

HM – Angelique Lechuga (9), Commerce City

HM – Kaitlyn Hogan (9), Lafayette

HM – Haley Wade (9), Loveland

HM – Paige Burkley (9), Loveland

HM – Caitlyn Brown (9), Elbert

HM – Max Kolanz (9), Greeley

HM – Aidan Haughey (8), Boulder

HM – Alexandra Collins (8), Boulder

HM – Connor Dalrymple (8), Colorado Springs

HM – Jackson Hammond (8), Boulder

HM – Ashtyn Gruidel (8), Boulder

HM – Chase Quade (8), Loveland

HM – Isabelle Dever (8), Boulder

HM – Heather Smith (8), Boulder

HM – Michael Chewning (8), Boulder

HM – Jan Rybczynski (8), Boulder

HM – Joey Aldridge (7), Loveland

HM – Paige Sowitch (7), Greenwood Village

HM – Ethan Clark (7), Arvada



The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is an educational program designed for all public, private, and home schooled students in grades k-12 to learn more about waterfowl and habitat conservation.  Incorporating scientific and wildlife management principles into visual arts curriculum creates an active awareness of the critical need to protect, preserve and enhance our wetland habitat for waterfowl, migratory songbirds, and the hundreds of other plants and animals that depend on wetlands for their survival.


The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. We are both a leader and trusted partner in fish and wildlife conservation, known for our scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, dedicated professionals and commitment to public service. For more information on our work and the people who make it happen, visit