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April 13, 2009

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              Note to Editors:  Pdf File of Winning Artwork Available Upon Request


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced Alex Karpilow, a 14 year old student from Molly Davis Fine Art Studio in Boulder, took top honors by winning the “Best of Show” in Colorado at the 2009 Junior Duck Stamp Contest. Alex’ artwork was selected from hundreds of amazing entries from across Colorado. Karpilow’s acrylic rendition of a pair of Canada geese, entitled "Companhia,” will represent Colorado at the National Junior Duck Stamp Competition in Washington, D.C. at the end of April.


Entries from Colorado were judged by a panel of waterfowl enthusiasts, biologists and professional visual and wildlife artists. Recognition for all participants and prizes for the top 25 drawings in each of four age groups (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12) are awarded each year.


This year’s award ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 9th from 1-4pm at The Arvada Center for The Performing Arts.  Emily Jo Williams, the Service’s Assistant Regional Director for Migratory Birds and Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration will be the keynote speaker at the ceremony and will help honor the winners at the Award Ceremony.  All members of the public, including teachers, students, and families are welcome to join the celebration.


First Place winners in all (age) categories:

Best of Show – Alex Karpilow (14), Boulder

1st – Cody Rex (18), Golden

1st – Lizzy Horn (16), Wheatridge

1st – Millie Schreibman (15), Greeley

1st – Kaloyan Athannassov (14), Colorado Springs

1st – Alex Karpilow (14), Boulder

1st – Aspen Pauluhn (13), Niwot

1st – Hunter Lalone (12), Littleton

1st – Adara Pauluhn (11), Niwot

1st – McKayla Earley (10), Eaton

1st – Taylor Aguilera (9), Ft. Collins

1st – Lauren Keel (9), Boulder

1st – Aiden Breen (8), Boulder


Second Place winners in all (age) categories:

2nd – Jeriel Chalk (18), Johnstown

2nd – Lily Donelson (17), Colorado Springs

2nd – Colter Rex (15), Golden

2nd – Kate Buscovick (15), Gunnison

2nd – Greta Erickson (14), Elbert

2nd – Sydnee Dupon (13), Ft. Collins

2nd – Hunter Henderson (12), Loma

2nd – Weston Kleeman (10), Ft. Collins

2nd – Melody Sutherland (10), Ft. Collins

2nd – Catherine Liu (9), Ft. Collins

2nd – Jackson Harstead (8), Boulder

2nd – Rohit Pandit (6), Ft. Collins



Third Place winners in all (age) categories:

3rd – Hannah Olson (18), Colorado Springs

3rd – Fernando Barajas (17), Commerce City

3rd – James Hartman (17), Boulder

3rd – Tessa Marquardt-Burrell (13), Ft. Collins

3rd – Madeleine Kemme (13), Greeley

3rd – James Medina (13), Greeley

3rd – Tate Dupon (11), Ft. Collins

3rd – Catherine Cyril (10), Ft. Collins

3rd – Daniel Zandstra (9), Lafayette

3rd – Sirisha Gudavalli (9), Lafayette

3rd – Celia Caplitz (8), Boulder

3rd – Livia Walker (8), Boulder


Honorable Mention winners in all (age) categories:


HM – Clark Ellis (18), Colorado Springs

HM – Nidia Villalobos (17), Fairplay

HM – Jackie Uchiyama (17), Golden

HM – Melissa McAninch (17), Fairplay

HM – Jeremy Magnuson (17), Fairplay

HM – Tamara Saenz (17), Commerce City

HM – Denice Chavez (17), Commerce City

HM – Spenser White (17), Commerce City

HM – Emily Poole (17), Lakewood

HM – Bree Copeman (17), Fairplay

HM – Amber Taylor (17), Fairplay

HM – Kaylyn Halfield (17), Commerce City

HM – David Allee (16), Commerce City

HM – Sarah Palma (16), Colorado Springs

HM – Tara Pederson (16), Morrison

HM – Connor Sims (15), Fairplay

HM – Patrick Beaulieu (15), Fairplay

HM – Joshua Price (15), Elbert

HM – Daniel Price (14), Elbert

HM – Roger Carlson (14), Elbert

HM – Madison Millard (14), Elbert

HM – Garrett Roberts (14), Greeley

HM – Alyssa Loflon (14), Elbert

HM – Riley Carroll (13), Greeley

HM – Chapman Croskell (13), Elbert

HM – Riley Younger (13), Elbert

HM – Adam Avarett (13), Elbert

HM – Cory Queen (13), Ft. Collins

HM – Mary Mercier (13), Commerce City

HM – Cody Stillians (13), Elbert

HM – Natasha Lovato (13), Monument

HM – Ctystal Aguilar (12), Greeley

HM – Evan Birt (12), Greeley

HM – Sabita Hilton (12), Greeley

HM – Molly McGann (12), Monument

HM – Emily Bonine (12), Elbert

HM – Cameron Gillespie (12), Ft. Collins

HM – Bridger Menlove (12), Evans

HM – Bryce Thompson (12), Elbert

HM – Chelsea Wilkes (11), Greeley

HM – Keren Sneh (10), Boulder

HM – Richard Plascencia (10), Colorado Springs

HM – Nikki Duncan-Money (10), Colorado Springs

HM – Austin Landrith (10), Colorado Springs

HM – Trevor Turban (10), Colorado Springs

HM – Ashleigh O’Steen (10), Colorado Springs

HM – Jordan Heitzman (10), Ft. Collins

HM – Elsie Hattendorf (9), Boulder

HM – Tawna Upchurch (9), Elbert

HM – Yash Patel (9), Boulder

HM – Wiley Me Hon (9), Boulder

HM – Molly Box (9), Boulder

HM – Chloe Morgan (9), Boulder

HM – Andy Smith (9), Colorado Springs

HM – Trevor Gifford (9), Boulder

HM – Mia Fox (8), Boulder

HM – Carl Lis (8), Arvada

HM – Phillip Murrel (8), Boulder

HM – Michael Robinson (8), Boulder

HM – Madison Hambly (8), Boulder

HM – Aidan Hartnett (8), Boulder

HM – Bronwyn Ellis (8), Boulder

HM – Cassandra Zandstra (7), Lafayette

HM – Trayana Athannassov (7), Colorado Springs



The Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is an educational program designed for all public, private, and home schooled students in grades k-12 to learn more about waterfowl and habitat conservation.  Incorporating scientific and wildlife management principles into visual arts curriculum creates an active awareness of the critical need to protect, preserve and enhance our wetland habitat for waterfowl, migratory songbirds, and the hundreds of other plants and animals that depend on wetlands for their survival.


The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. We are both a leader and trusted partner in fish and wildlife conservation, known for our scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, dedicated professionals and commitment to public service. For more information on our work and the people who make it happen, visit