Division of Human Resources
Mountain-Prairie Region
Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP)

The Student Employment Program (STEP) is comprised of several employment programs in which the Service participates in, such as the DC Federal Jobs Task Force Initiatives Program, Student with Disabilities Program, etc.  The program is designed to provide work experience and to enhance the student's knowledge and interest in the Fish and Wildlife Service as a future employer.  Also, it can be used as a feeder-group for the Student Career Experience Program.

Key Features

  • Meets the need for flexible, temporary employment which will enable students to earn a salary while continuing their studies.

  • Does not confer eligibility for conversion to a permanent Federal position.

  • Students may later convert to the Student Career Experience Program if they are working in a position related to their academic and career goals.

Key Benefits

  • Attract and recruit quality students.

  • Support equal opportunity objectives.

  • Bring new educational methods and concepts into the work force

  • Temporary help without exhausting full time equivalents (FTE).

  • Opportunity provided to select highly qualified applicants with proven performance into the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP).

Last updated: June 9, 2011