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In-Progress Plan Status


Spring 2013

Start planning
Notice of intent in Federal Register


Fall 2013

Gather public input


Fall 2014

Develop management alternatives


Winter 2014

Prepare draft plan and environmental assessment (EA)


Spring 2015

Release draft plan and EA for public review
Notice of availability in Federal Register


Summer 2015

Analyze public comments


Fall 2015

Complete final plan
Notice of availability in Federal Register


Information about the planning process is in Planning Overview. Terms are in the Glossary.

Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge



On completion, the comprehensive conservation plan (replacing the 1998 comprehensive management plan) will set out the management and use of the Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge for 15 years.

Established under the authority of the Emergency Wetland Resource Act of 1986, the purpose of the refuge is "to promote, in concert with other Federal and State Statutes and program, the conservation of wetlands of the Nation in order to maintain the public benefits they provide and to help fulfill international obligations contained in various migratory birds treaties and conventions."

This refuge is a sanctuary within a suburb—in the midst of the residences and retail businesses of Arvada, Colorado—of the Denver metro area.

  • Established in 1992.
  • Comprises more than 70 acres.
  • Located within the city of Arvada in Jefferson County, Colorado, about 10 miles northeast of Denver.

Existing plan: The 1998 comprehensive management plan set the management and use of Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge for 15 years.

A comprehensive management plan is a plan done before Congress passed the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997, which requires the Service to prepare comprehensive conservation plans.

Image of the plan cover showing marshland at the refuge.


The following are major actions in the comprehensive management plan:

  • Provide the breeding, wintering, and migration requirements of waterfowl and other migratory birds.
  • Attract and maintain species representative of the native wildlife community including birds, small mammals, and fish.
  • Provide environmental education and interpretation about ecology, wildlife, wetlands, and the beneficial role of wildlife in the human environment.

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Comprehensive conservation plan (CCP)
None at this time.

Comprehensive management plan (CMP)
CMP 1998 (13 MB PDF)

By section, for faster download:
Approval, table of contents (1 MB PDF)
Introduction (2 MB PDF)
Two Ponds refuge mission, goals, and objectives (1 MB PDF)
Management guidelines and strategies (4 MB PDF)
Monitoring and evaluation (1 MB PDF)
Appendices (5 MB PDF)

Planning process documents for the CCP
Notice of intent to prepare a CCP 2013 (PDF)
Planning update 1 2013 (4 MB PDF)

Planning process document for the CMP
Notice of intent to prepare a CMP 1994 (PDF)