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The Service completed this plan
in 1999.




Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge
1318 Highway 318
Maybell, Colorado 81640


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Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge



The comprehensive conservation plan sets the management and use of Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge for 15 years. The refuge is on the Green River in remote northwestern Colorado.

The purposes of the refuge are (1) to provide sanctuary for migratory birds, (2) to provide suitable fish- and wildlife-dependent recreation, (3) to protect natural resources, and (4) to conserve endangered and threatened species.

  • Established in 1963.
  • Comprises 13,455 acres.
  • Located in Moffatt County, Colorado, near Dinosaur National Monument.

Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge has five broad types of habitats: wetlands, riparian areas, grassland, semidesert shrub land, and pinyon–juniper areas. The wetlands provide important migration and breeding habitat for waterfowl and other waterbirds, and riparian habitat provides important migration and breeding habitat for songbirds. Refuge uplands provide critical winter habitat for large mammals such as mule deer, elk, and pronghorn.

The following are major actions in the comprehensive conservation plan:

  • Prepare a habitat management plan.
  • Focus habitat management on special status species and other wildlife for which the refuge provides essential habitat.
Image of the plan cover showing a loggerhead shrike.

Plan cover with a loggerhead shrike.

  • Improve water management and restore declining riparian habitat.
  • Prepare a public use plan.
  • Update public use facilities.
  • Improve the quality of visitor opportunities.


Comprehensive conservation plan (CCP)
CCP 1999 (3 MB PDF)

Draft CCP and environmental assessment (EA)
Draft CCP and EA 1999 (1 MB PDF)