Joint Ventures
Mountain-Prairie Region

Prairie Pothole Joint Venture


The premier joint venture of the Plan is the PRAIRIE POTHOLE JOINT VENTURE.   It encompasses prairie wetlands from Montana through North and South Dakota into Minnesota and Iowa.

Aerial view of the Prairie Pothole Region

These prairie wetlands support over 300 species of migratory birds and are the primary breeding areas for the continent's waterfowl.  The most important activity of this joint venture is the protection, restoration and enhancement of prairie wetlands and grasslands on private and public lands.

The mission of the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture is to implement conservation programs that sustain populations of waterfowl, shorebirds, other waterbirds and prairie landbirds at objective levels through targeted wetland and grassland protection, restoration and enhancement programs.  These activities will be based on science and implemented in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

The vision of the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture is to have abundant populations of wetland and grassland birds that can be sustained in perpetuity for the benefit of all people who enjoy these species.

The following principles guide actions taken in support of the PPJV mission:

Diverse partnerships are the primary vehicle for accomplishing PPJV objectives.

Long-term protection, restoration and management of wetland and grassland habitats requires that partners collaborate with a variety of conservation and community efforts in the development of conservation, economic and social policies and programs that sustain the ecological health of Prairie Pothole Region landscapes

Biologically-based planning that is refined through science-based research and evaluation.

Last update: February 5, 2010