Joint Ventures
Mountain-Prairie Region

Northern Great Plains Joint Venture

The newest Joint Venture in the region is the NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS JOINT VENTURE.  It is bounded on the north and east by the PPJV and on the west by the IWJV.

Ferruginous hawk with freshly killed rabbit photo

The NGPJV area is arid to semi-arid and mostly unglaciated. Relatively few natural wetlands exist. Land use in the area is primarily livestock production and numerous manmade wetlands have been created for livestock and wildlife. This area of short and mixed grass prairie has been dramatically altered in the last 100 years, due primarily to human intervention. Once common native grasslands are seriously threatened and many bird species are declining. Maintaining and protecting existing wetlands and grasslands, as well as creation and enhancement of wetlands will be a major focus for the NGPJV.


Last update: February 5, 2010