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Migratory Birds - Grasshopper Sparrow
Mountain-Prairie Region
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Grasshopper Sparrow


A small bird, brown and white with flecks of bright yellow, perches on someone's fingers.

Grasshopper Sparrow. USFWS.

The Grasshopper Sparrow Conservation Action Plan was designed to highlight actions needed to conserve Grasshopper Sparrow populations throughout its range. It includes a prioritized list of actions and needs that we think will achieve long-term, range-wide conservation of this species, emphasizing the prevention of habitat loss and degradation throughout the historic range of Grasshopper Sparrows in North America.

Proposed actions are prioritized within the six sections of the Recommended Actions (Population Status; Conservation; Management; Inventory, Population Monitoring & Assessment; Research; and Education and Outreach).

The complete plan includes three tables:




Priority Species

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Important Information

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