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Mountain-Prairie Region
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Regional Priority Species


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Regional Priority Species are migratory birds that the Mountain-Prairie Region focuses time and resources on for various reasons. Several species occur in their highest abundances or densities in the Mountain-Prairie Region, so we work with our partners to ensure their habitat needs are maintained over time.

We have observed long-term declines in several other species, so we are trying to determine what is causing their decline (i.e., the limiting factors to population stability or growth) through research and monitoring efforts that will ultimately guide our conservation strategies for these species. The remaining species have rebounded from near extinction, migrate through our region in great numbers, offer unique conservation and hunting opportunities for American citizens, or need additional monitoring and research information gathered about them to help us understand how to better conserve their populations into the future.

An additional note of clarification: you may see some of these same species listed on the “Focal Species” page on this website. The Focal Species program is a nationally coordinated program that worked with Regional Migratory Bird programs and outside partners to select a subset of species from across the United States to receive focused attention on for several years. Inherently, several of the species of high priority at the national level are also of high priority at the regional level, but the Focal Species list is a narrowly-focused list that does not include each Region’s highest priority concerns.

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