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The Service does not have a centralized records system, and most data and records are kept in field offices. To streamline the FOIA process, direct your request to the Regional FOIA Officer where the information is likely to be found. If you are not sure which Regional Office, or if more than one Regional Office, may have the records you seek, send your request to the Service FOIA Officer



 important sign brownPrivacy Act Notice: Please be advised that any electronic FOIA request you submit and/or your paper FOIA request may be scanned for ease of transfer to the 'office(s) of record' and in order to store in the Department of Interior's (Department) mandatory Electronic FOIA Tracking System.  What this means: is that we may share any personal information you provide in your request (including electronic address, bank account, charge card or social security number) with others within the Department involved in processing FOIA requests.  Though we will make every effort to protect your privacy, we urge you NOT to include any personal information in your request - if it is not needed for processing.  The Department's FOIA request tracking systems are authorized and included under "DOI-71, Freedom of Information Request File System."


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