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Wind Energy and Nebraska's Wildlife

The Nebraska Ecological Services Field Office (USFWS) is part of the Nebraska Wind and Wildlife Working Group (Group). This group consists of state and federal agencies, non-governmental conservation organizations, and public utilities that formed to develop guidance for wind energy development in the state. The group works closely with wind developers and consultants and supports the development of wind energy in Nebraska when the planning and siting process avoids or minimizes impacts to wildlife populations and natural areas.

The following map was designed to help identify areas of the state that are considered sensitive for wind energy development. The maps intention is to help with the planning portion of wind energy development by identifying areas where species of concern may be impacted by wind energy development.

The Group is concerned with the direct (i.e., collisions or barotrauma in bats) and indirect (i.e., loss and/or habitat degradation) impacts that wind energy development may have on wildlife populations. The Group developed guidelines as a set of non-regulatory statewide recommendations to help developers assess and minimize potential environmental impacts that may result from development of wind energy facilities.

For a copy (pdf) of the "Guidelines for Wind Energy and Wildlife Resource Management in Nebraska" click here.

For more information on Wind and Wildlife in Nebraska you can also visit the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission webpage:


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