Nebraska ES - Staff
Mountain-Prairie Region
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9325 South Alda Road
Wood River, NE 68883
Fax:(308) 384-8835
Phone: (308) 382-6468

Eliza Hines
Fish and Wildlife Biologist - Assistant Field Supervisor
Platte River Recovery Team, EA Account Manager

(308) 382-6468 ext: 204

Robert R. Harms
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Federal Activities, ESA consultations
(308) 382-6468 ext: 208

Lourdes Mena
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Environmental Contaminants, ESA consultations, Avian
(308) 382-6468 ext: 211

Jeffery T. Runge
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Platte River Recovery Team, ESA consultations
(308) 382-6468 ext: 209

Jeanette R. O'Neill
Administrative Officer
(308) 382-6468 ext: 202


John F. Cochnar
Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist
(308) 382-6468 ext: 203

Brooke Stansberry
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Transportation liaison, ESA consultations

(308) 382-6468 ext: 207

Martha C. Carlisle
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Whooping Cranes, Energy, ESA consultations
(308) 382-6468 ext: 210

Matt Rabbe
Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Platte River Recovery Team, ESA consultations, Terns, Plovers
(308) 382-6468 ext: 205

Mindee E. Thagard
Administrative Support Assistant
(308) 382-6468 ext: 201




The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with Others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American People.
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