The U.S. Fish and Wildlife has made it a national priority
to create a connected conservation community.

It is vital that the Service develop a conservation community that is more reflective of the diversity of the American public to remain relevant and to recruit the next generation of conservation leaders. The Service does this through community engagement in urban areas where there will be the most impact, since urban areas house the majority of the US population and often have very diverse groups of people. The aim of our Urban Wildlife Refuge Program is to enhance relationships with local communities who may not be familiar with the Service. In order to create a connected constituency, it is crucial to build trusting partnerships with the communities we are trying to reach in a holistic way to engage them in the process.

“We Are Nature” Community Engagement Program

The start to any successful partnership and relationship is communicating on a platform where both parties have a voice. People’s connection to nature crosses cultural, linguistic, and geographical barriers. Therefore, in order to start a conversation, the Service aims to use photography as a universal tool to cross those boundaries. Photovoice is a tool to engage communities and provide them with a platform where they have a voice, so we can better engage with people through an interactive way of listening to personal stories. Along with our partners we can work to give communities a voice, to listen and to change our practices to meet communities where they are at. The theme of this project was “We are nature” in that we are a part of nature and connect to it in diverse ways in urban areas and “My Wild” in how we take ownership of public lands and work to protect wildlife.

We Are Nature: Denver Metro Area:

The following stories are that of a group of urban youth from the Denver Metro area working with Groundwork Denver.
*We Are Nature Medium Post
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Share Your Story!

Join our Photovoice project! Share photos about how you connect/explore/access nature in your own community. Post your photo on social media using the hashtags #WeAreNature and #MyWild and tag us @USFWS

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