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What a Day at Tewaukon!

By Jamie Keller

The Morning Duck Hunt_Photo Courtesy of the Keller FamilyMy dad and I awoke early the morning of the opener of youth duck season and were on the road to Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge by 5:00 AM. We arrived to a great reception from the staff and the game warden. They prepped us for the hunt and got all 20 of us in the field ready to hunt by 7:00 AM.

It was a beautiful morning with birds in the air. I was able to get my first wood duck. We then went back to the refuge shop for an excellent pancake and sausage breakfast. Since youth deer season was also open we were planning to hunt deer in the afternoon. This was the first year I had a buck license so that is what I was hoping for. Since we got up so early we slept in the truck for at least 3 hours and then headed into the field about 4:00 PM. We walked over a mile to the spot we were planning to set up the blind for the evening.

We were a little west of some trees and about a 1/2 mile east of a corn field. My dad was clearing a spot to set up the blind for less than one minute when I saw a deer way over by the corn field. Dad looked at it and could see antlers. We were talking about what we should do when it started trotting toward us. It would stop for a while and then come toward us again. A smaller buck joined it and Dad said it looked like they were going to come by a little to the south; we had a good south wind so we stayed standing at the same spot. The grass was tall so Dad set the shooting stick so I could shoot in a standing position and had me get ready to shoot to the south.

Jamie's First Buck_Photo Courtesy of the Keller FamilyA few minutes later both bucks were standing broad side about 50 yards to the south looking at us. Dad said take the shot, I slowly squeezed the trigger, the gun fired, and the buck dropped where it was standing. My first buck was on the ground but we cculdn't see it. We walked over and there it was lying in the tall grass. I quickly realized that it was bigger than my brother's first buck. We then took a bunch of pictures and started the work of getting it back to the truck. We were on the road back to Wahpeton at 9:00 PM.

Both my dad and I want to thank everyone that helped with the duck hunt, breakfast, and keeping Tewaukon the special place it is. Keep up the good work.


Thanks very much,

Jamie Keller
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April 9, 2015
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