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In 1995, the EPA approved the North Dakota Endangered Species-Pesticide Management Plan. This was the first such plan in the nation. It is a collaborative effort between the FWS, North Dakota Agriculture Department, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, and local agriculture groups such as the Farm Bureau and Farmers Union. The plan protects four threatened and endangered species (pallid sturgeon, piping plover, bald eagle, and least tern) from 27 pesticides at nearly 150 breeding sites throughout the state. Currently satellite imagery and GIS technology is being employed to further protect these species from pesticides.

The Environmental Contaminants program regularly participates with North Dakota Agricultural Extension Service to recertify pesticide applicators. This has proven to be an effective endeavor in presenting pesticides and wildlife before those who work with the chemicals on a daily basis. In addition to speaking personally to applicators, we also have made a video discussing pesticides and their impact of the environment. This video is shown yearly to thousands of pesticide applicators and farmers via satellite hook up throughout the state.

Oil Field Waste Pits and Bird Mortalities

Oil companies in western North Dakota are beginning to take steps to protect migratory birds. Each year, oil pits in the western part of the state entrap and kill many neotropical migrants. Through a combination of enforcement and cooperative efforts, oil companies are beginning to understand their role in protecting birds. While many companies continue to resist placing nets over oil pits, several companies are actively taking measures to protect migratory birds. 

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