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Spill Prevention and Contingency Planning


            USCG Incident Management Handbook (download 1.3mb; 8-06 edition)

            USCG "Homeport"  follow links to "Coast Guard Response" et al.

            Area Contingency Plans follow links to individual area plans

            US EPA Region 5 Contingency Plan  (Oil and Haz Substances Integrated Contingency Plan)

            FWS National Oil Spill Contingency Plan

            Inland Sensitivity Atlas (follow links to map shape files; need GIS software to use)

            FWS Policy Manual on Reporting Releases of Haz Subs, Oil, Contam Sites (560 FW 3)

            NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (2005-151) | CDC/NIOSH

            US DOT Emergency Response Guidebook (can view, search, or download)

            National Incident Management System Integration Center (NIMS info and training)

            Incident Command System training (FEMA ICS Resource Center)



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