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Contaminant Issues - Oil Field Waste Pits

Minimizing Risk to Migratory Birds in Oil and Gas Facilities

This 10:00 presentation is for oil and gas facility managers and staff to advise ways to reduce migratory bird and other wildlife mortality through best management practices. For for information, please visit: - Or call 307.772.2374.

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Oil pit and tank battery photo

Oil and gas exploration and production is an important industry in the Region 6 states of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota,Wyoming, and Utah. In many oil fields, water occurs in the oil reservoir and is extracted along with the petroleum particularly in older wells. Water or steam is also used in some wells to enhance the extraction of oil. During production, the process of separating oil and produced water using heat treaters is often ineffective. The produced water is either discharged into surface waters, injected underground, or transported to a commercial oil field waste disposal facility. Commercial oil field waste disposal facilities also pose significant risks to wildlife.

For more information, contact Pedro ‘Pete’ Ramirez, Jr. (


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