Challenge Cost Share
Mountain-Prairie Region
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Challenge Cost Share (CCS)
Schedule Processes for FY 2011

Schedule of Events


 Proposal Request Memo forwarded to Field Stations

 12 October 2010

 CSS Proposals due in Regional Office

 12 November 2010

 Ranking Committee Reviews and Ranks Proposals

 End of November

 Project Selection Notification

 Early December Dependent Upon CR

 Stations Submit CCS Agreements to CCS Coordinator

 NLT 30 days after approval notification

 Stations Submit CCS Accomplishment Report for FY 2010

 At Conclusion of Project


After stations receive notification that their project(s) has been approved, Service Project Officers must take the following action:

  1. Complete the Challenge Cost Share Agreement (CCSA) using the template and instructions provided on this website along with the Statement of Work. In addition, obtain signed copies of SF-424s and commitment letters from every cooperator.  Submit all documents to the CCS Coordinator within 30 days of approval notification.

            a.   The CCS Coordinator will review the documents and obtain any necessary clarification or corrections prior to forwarding the CCSA to Contracting and General Services (CGS) for contractual sufficiency review.

  1. After CGS prepares a sufficient agreement, it is returned to the Service Project Officer via the CCS Coordinator.  The Project Officer will have 30 days to obtain the Cooperator’s signature and return the CCSA back to the CCS Coordinator.

            a. When the original signed CCSA is mailed to the CCS Coordinator, it is then routed to Regional Director (RD) for a final signature.  Upon final signature, the account is fund targeted.

  1. After the account has been fund targeted, the CCS Coordinator will notify the Service Project Officer and forward a finalized copy of the CCSA.  The Service Project Officer is responsible for providing additional copies to the cooperator(s) and appropriate field staff (i.e. budget specialist, AO, Project Leader).
  1. After notification and receipt of the finalized CCSA, the field station is authorized to obligate and/or expend the CCS funds. 
  1. Throughout the project period, the Service Project Officer is responsible for coordinating the collection of invoices, tracking payments, reporting from cooperators, record keeping, and project administration/management. After the project is completed, submit a brief accomplishment report to the CCS Coordinator and maintain records at the station in case of future audit. 

Please direct any comments or questions to the CCS Coordinator at 303-236-4307

Last Updated: March 9, 2015