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Common CSS Questions and Answers

Q: Can funding or in-kind services contributed from a partner in the past be used as a match (i.e., Partner spent $5,000 last spring on seed, shrubs, and labor to plant)?  
A:  No – The CCS program is specifically targeted for funds or in-kind services TO BE COMPLETED AND/OR SPENT by all parties during the Period of Performance of the Agreement.  Do not include previous funds or in-kind services spent for projects.

Q:  If work will be done at another geographic location by Partners, can this be counted as a match for work to be done at another location?
A:  No.  The Partner match must be DIRECTLY RELATED to the physical location in the proposal, and partner work must match work to be done.

Q:  Can work be off-Service lands? 
A:  The answer to this question must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  The primary focus of projects is on-Service lands, however, projects may be accomplished off-Service lands as long as a CLEAR AND DIRECT LINK can be made between the project and impacts this would have on Service lands.  This most often occurs in the case of adjacent land.

Q:  Can I have a project which lasts several years?
A:  No, the program is intended for one-year meaning that all work should be accomplished and all funded obligated/expended in that one year timeframe.

Q:  How will my proposals be ranked?
A:  A committee comprised of Regional and Field representatives will rank all proposals.

Q:  What if my project is not selected.  Is there still a chance that I could get funding?
A:  Possibly because all proposals which are not funded for the fiscal year will be held in the event that a funded proposal is cancelled or other funding becomes available.  If either of these occurs, funds will be used for the next available ranked project.

Q:  How do “Purchasing Authorities” and CCS mix?
A:  If you are obligating funds to the cooperator, no warrant authority is required.  You are simply obligating the funds in FFS using the CCS as your obligating document.  If you must prepare purchase orders for supplies or services to carry out the intent of the CCS agreement, you must follow all the usual rules for purchasing. 

Please direct any comments or questions to the CCS Coordinator at 303-236-4307

Last Updated: March 9, 2015