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Mountain-Prairie Region
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How to Determine a Good Funding Match

Before writing your proposal, consider the following parameters of the Challenge Cost Share (CCS) program to determine if your project is a good fit:

1.  Program Description and Objective.  CCS funds are appropriated funds that may be used to pay for no more than 50% of the cost of Challenge Cost Share (CCS) projects on Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) or private lands. The objective of the program is to encourage partnerships with non-Federal governments, private individuals and organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to support the mission of the Service. The matching 50% cost share is provided by non-Federal sources, state/local governments, private individuals/organizations, business enterprises, philanthropic and charitable groups. 

2.  Cooperator.  Cooperators are defined as any state or local government, private individual or organization, business enterprise, philanthropic or charitable group that provide any tangible consideration for the benefit of the Service and the public. The CCS program requires assurance to the Service that a cooperator, or group of cooperators, has contributed no less than 50% of the total cost of each project.  The cooperator share may be a non-monetary contribution.  The cost share value can be derived from labor, material, equipment, land and water, and cash.  No portion of the cooperator contribution can be of Federal origin. This does not, however, preclude the participation of other Federal partners.

3.  Field Offices.  
The primary role of the field office (station), in the CCS agreement process, is to plan and facilitate projects. Another function is to perpetuate and coordinate cooperator interest and involvement in CCS projects. Field offices are recognized as the first point of contact with cooperators; therefore, they are principally responsible for initiating, promoting, and securing project cost sharing.

4.  Challenge Cost Share Agreements (CCSA).  
All CCS projects will be supported by a documented CCSA. These agreements will be maintained by the Regional Office.  Refer to the Challenge Cost Share Policy for more information (055 FW 6).

5.  Examples of how to determine a good funding match.
  The examples below illustrate how to determine a good funding match for a Challenge Cost Share Agreement (CCSA):

Note:   Ensure all contributions from the refuge as well as the cooperators are reflected on the CCS proposals.

Please direct any comments or questions to the CCS Coordinator at 303-236-4307

Last Updated: March 9, 2015