Challenge Cost Share
Mountain-Prairie Region
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 References and Guidelines to Assist with Submitting Proposals and Challenge Cost Share Agreements (CCSA)


The Service Directives on Challenge Cost Share are located at

The Department of Interior CCS Policy [October 2010]: DOI-CCS-Policy.pdf

The Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Audit Results [September 2009]: OIG-Audit-Final-Report-9-25-2009.pdf


Emphasis this year will be on invasive species management, habitat restoration, climate change research, increasing youth participation in nature conservation, outreach and visitor services projects. 
The CCS proposal is submitted on a one-page form.  A signature line is provided for the Project Leader to ensure that they concur with the proposal. A proposal emailed to CCS Coordinator and copied to the Project Leader is sufficient for concurrency.

All proposals will be ranked by a committee comprised of both Regional Office (RO) employees and field representatives.  Stations will be notified of selection results.

Proposals that are ranked by the committee but unfunded will be held in the event that a funded proposal is cancelled during the year or other funding becomes available.  If this occurs, funds will be used for the next available ranked project.


Project periods are limited to one year or less and all work/funding  must be expended in that time frame.

After notification of project approval, submit the CCS Agreement (CCSA) and subsequent attachments to the CCS Coordinator within 30 days (refer to schedule processes). 

Stations are not authorized to spend or obligate funds for CCS projects until the CCSA is finalized and the account has been fund targeted.

If a Cooperator(s) withdraws from a project, please inform the CCS Coordinator as soon as possible.

In Block #10 of the CCSA, enter the Cooperator's Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) code only if funds will be obligated to the cooperator.  The Cooperator should be able to supply this unique nine digit number; however, if they are unable, please see your station Administrative professional. 

The Project Officer on the CCSA should be the person most acquainted with the project who has been working with the cooperators (not necessarily the Project Leader). The Project Officer is responsible for coordination with the Cooperator(s). The Cooperator should be advised to contact the Service Project Officer for information, details, explanations and/or any changes requested.

Changes requiring a modification to the agreement will be coordinated through Betsy Matten (CCS Coordinator).  Do not try to contact Contracting and General Services (GCS) directly for CCS related inquiries unless referred by the CCS Coordinator.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

Avoid using old templates as changes are made annually to many CCS documents. Only use current forms posted on this website. 

DO NOT obtain signatures from the cooperator until authorized by the CCS Coordinator. 

DO NOT make changes to the CCSA after CGS has prepared the document for signatures.

DO NOT spend or obligate funding until notified the CCSA is finalized and the account has been fun targeted. The original copy of the finalized CCSA (“finalized” refers to all signatures provided) will be retained and filed by the CCS Program Coordinator at the Regional Office. 

DO NOT combine funds from other grants and CCS programs – use of Federal funding often conflicts.

DO NOT sign in place of the Regional Director.

DO NOT let the CCSA expire. If the work cannot be performed or completed by the expiration date in block 11 of the CCSA, request an extension prior to the expiration date. This can be accomplished by submitting an email to the CCS Program Coordinator that explains the situation and suggest a new project completion date within a reasonable period.  

Please direct any comments or questions to the CCS Coordinator at 303-236-4307

Last Updated: March 9, 2015