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CCS Project Accomplishment Report

At the conclusion of the CCS project, Service Project Officers are required to submit an accomplishment report to the CCS Coordinator.  The report is an opportunity to share how the project benefits wildlife, habitat, the public, or other noteworthy causes. In the report, please specify what was accomplished (tangibles and intangibles), what lessons were learned, benefits of the project, how many acres (river miles) were affected, and anything else of interest.  As always, photographs or videos are encouraged.  Project Officers are also required to provide a financial summary of funds expended and received as matching contributions within the report.

The following link is an example of a well-prepared CCS Accomplishment Report although the format has changed since it was submitted:  Bear River MBR Conservation Education 2009

As a result of the 2009 OIG findings (link posted on the “References and Guidelines” page), Station Managers and Cooperator Project Officers are now required to sign the accomplishment reports for concurrency that all the terms of the agreement were met.  Please use the following link to obtain a template for the report:  CCS Accomplishment Reporting Template.doc

  North Fork Flathead River Mt.jpg

Please direct any comments or questions to the CCS Coordinator at 303-236-4307

Last Updated: March 9, 2015