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I would like a copy of the Draft CCP/EIS

Use this form to request a print or electronic copy of the complete text of the draft CCP/EIS and/or the summary booklet. We have a limited number of CDs containing the complete draft CCP and the summary. We have an even more limited number of print copies of the complete draft CCP bound as 2-volume sets (totaling 1200 pages). We also have some print copies of the summary booklet. All will be issued on a first-come first-served basis free of charge.

[Note that the information you provide here will be used by the Refuge only for distributing CCP materials, but could be released upon request, under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.]

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Full draft of CCP/EIS as PDF files on CD: Includes summary booklet.

Full draft of CCP/EIS printed as books: A 2-volume set totaling 1200 pages. Does not include summary booklet.

Printed summary booklet: A 20-page booklet.

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August, 2011