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Montana Ecological Services Field Office

585 Shephard Way, Suite 1 Helena, Montana 59601 406-449-5225 (FAX) 406-449-5339


Fisheries Applied Research and

Technical Assistance

Fishery biologists with Montana Ecological Services collaborate with biologists and scientists in other branches of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and with partners in other Federal and State agencies to coordinate, lead, and support applied research projects designed to give management biologists the information they need to make informed decisions about native fish conservation given threats like nonnative species, habitat fragmentation, and climate change.  Montana Ecological Services also provides technical assistance in` support of applied research projects such as decision support models.  Please click on the links below to see examples of projects in different field offices in Montana.

Helena Office Projects:
Decision support tools to support native fish management:  tradeoffs between threats of nonnative invasions and isolation
Modeling suppression of nonnative brook trout to benefit native cutthroat trout
Population genetics of Arctic grayling in Montana
Population genetics of bull trout in Warm Springs Creek, upper Clark Fork River, Montana
Modeling the potential effects of redd trampling by cattle on cutthroat trout

Influence of habitat size and time since isolation on persistence of westslope cutthroat trout in isolated stream networks

Demographic and genetic response of cutthroat trout to barrier removal

Climate change and native fish management in western North America

Clark Fork River channel migration zone map development - Phase 1

GIS Data Sets described in Appendix A are available upon request.  Contact Dan Brewer at Dan_Brewer@fws.gov

Kalispell Office Projects:

Experimental suppression of lake trout to support bull trout recovery in western Montana lakes

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