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Environmental Contaminants

Acid Mine Drainage

One of the primary responsibilities of the Environmental Contaminants program is the identification of environmental contaminant problems affecting National Wildlife Refuge lands, migratory birds, and threatened and endangered species.  When problems are identified, appropriate actions are pursued to eliminate the contaminant threat and restore affected resources. A salt encrusted duck on a wetland impacted by salt


Equally important, the program provides technical assistance to other Service programs, to state and federal agencies, and to the public.  For example, Environmental Contaminants Specialists provide technical assistance to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Superfund program.  The EPA, through Superfund, seeks to clean up sites where toxic and hazardous wastes have been released.  The Service assists in this effort by providing information, data, and recommendations to the EPA to ensure that the cleanup efforts protect biological resources, particularly migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, and their habitats. We also advise federal agencies on pesticide registration and use, hazardous waste sites, water quality standards, and oil or hazardous chemical spills affecting fish and wildlife and their habitats.

Checking water quality using EPA's mobile lab


Electronic Reports:

Saline Seep Impacts on Hailstone and Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuges in South-Central Montana

Anaconda Biomonitoring Report

Characterizing Contaminant Exposure of Mountain Plovers on Wintering Grounds in California and Breeding Grounds in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana
Impacts of Oil Exploration and Production to the Northeast Montana Wetland Management District- Final Report
Impacts of Oil Exploration and Production to the Northeast Montana Wetland Management District- Plate 1. Surficial geology of eastern Sheridan County, Montana



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Updated 1/9/2014