FINAL Environmental Impact Statement

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Comprehensive Table of Contents  (PDF File; 209 KB)
Executive Summary (PDF File; 336 KB)

1.0 Introduction and Background  (PDF File; 367 KB)

2.0 Environmental Setting  (PDF File; 329 KB)

3.0 Alternatives Including the Proposed NFHCP  (PDF File; 390 KB)

Native Fish Habitat Conservation Plan

4.0 Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences, Sections 4.1 through 4.15, but excluding Section 4.6 to reduce file size  (PDF File; 822 KB)

Section 4.6, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources  (PDF File; 984 KB)

5.0 Comparative Analysis of Impacts of the Proposed NFHCP  (PDF File; 205 KB)

6.0 Coordination with Others  (PDF File; 172 KB)

7.0 References  (PDF File; 211 KB)

8.0 Glossary  (PDF File; 195 KB)

9.0 Acronyms and Abbreviations  (PDF File; 78 KB)

10.0 List of Preparers  (PDF File; 83 KB)

Appendix A Implementing Agreement (PDF File; 158 KB)

Appendix B Technical Report Summaries (PDF File; 301 KB)

Appendix C Individual Tier 1 Watersheds in Each Planning Area Basin (PDF File; 113 KB)

Appendix D FWS Species Consultation Letter (PDF File; 702 KB)

Appendix E Wildlife Species Habitat Use by Lifeform and by Riparian Stand Type (PDF File; 158 KB)

Appendix F Public Comments (HTML Web Pages for easy onscreen viewing)


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