Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge
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Volunteering at Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR

There are many opportunities to get involved in what's going on at the refuge. Whether you're interested in conducting censuses, giving tours and environmental education programs, being a docent in the visitor's center, helping with outreach or data entry, our volunteers participate in a wide array of activities.

Visitor center volunteers help refuge staff in several different ways by answering visitors' questions, conducting tours, helping office staff, giving talks to school groups, performing trail work and helping with many other important projects.

Wildlife monitoring volunteers help on weekly bird surveys, annual crane census, amphibian surveys, sparrow sweeps and crane monitoring.

Interns are college students seeking on-the-job experience or research opportunities.


Please fill out and return the Volunteer Application so that we can help you find a niche that is right for both you and the refuge. Training is available in some cases and more opportunities become available to volunteers over time.

We do have some lodging and available RV hookup space. Volunteers must sign an agreement to use the space that designates the amount of time to volunteer and the duration of the stay. Please contact us directly for details on use of the available space.


Our Friends

The Gulf Coast Complex, including MS Sandhill Crane NWR, Grand Bay NWR and Bon Secour NWR work with the Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group. Members of this group work closely with the refuge to manage the resources and raise funds through the MS Sandhill Crane Bookstore and other activities.

This Friend's group relationship helps the refuge to put on quality programs to help visitors experience the wonder of the outdoors, educate about the cranes and other refuge programs. They assist the refuge in helping us find available resources to support programs important to resource conservation.

Last updated: June 12, 2009