Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge
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Environmental Education Opportunities

The refuge offers several programs for students at the refuge or in the schools, when possible. Group leaders should contact the refuge atleast two weeks before the program date to schedule volunteer or staff-led programs. Using the trails and the Visitor's Center, teachers can also self-lead groups on the refuge.

Environmental Education Programs
The following are a few of the environmental education opportunities available:


-Fifth Grade Program: Eco Umbrellas: Cranes, Fire and Habitat
-Staff or volunteer-led walks on nature trails.
-Presentations in auditorium.
-Viewing videos in auditorium.
-Participating in radiotelemetry and prescribed fire demonstrations.



  • -Presentations to schools, garden clubs, fraternal, and service organizations
  • -Pre- and post-field trip briefings.
  • -Participation in special events
-Assistance with developing appropriate curriculum for refuge field trips.

The refuge also supports the Annual International Crane Foundation Crane Art Exchange. Get your group involved and schedule programs with the refuge to support your art program.

Check out the activities and events to see if there are opportunities coming up to get your group involved.

-Colt Capers -Fire Academy
-Junior Refuge Manager -Crane Camp

Environmental Education Photos
Last updated: September 7, 2010