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Mississippi Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Biologist looking at tree rings. Credit: USFWS

Partners Biologist Randy Browning and Mr. Orby Wright look at tree core sample. Credit: USFWS

Working Together to Restore Habitat in Mississippi

The Partners Program is a voluntary habitat conservation program in which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service restores, improves, and protects fish and wildlife habitat on lands in private ownership. In Mississippi, the Partners Program works with interested private landowners to restore longleaf pine forests, bottomland hardwood forests, and wetland hydrology. The Partners Program informs landowners about invasive exotics, endangered species, habitat restoration and wildlife management through written materials, on the National Partners Program website and at seminars or workshops.

Contacts for Assistance


For information about Mississippi Partners or the Farmbill, contact Jeffrey Lee.

For information about bottomland hardwood and/or hydrology restoration, contact James Austin.

For information about long-leaf pine restoration, contact Randy Browning.


News Releases and Items of Interest

Cogongrass on You Tube -- September 2011

Partners Teams up with USDA -- August 2011

Snow Brake Restoration Project -- July 2011

Exotic Cogongrass Invades South Mississippi -- News Paper Article February 26, 2011

Conservation Partners Sign Landmark Agreement to Restore Wildlife Habitat on Private Lands in Mississippi -- News Release July 17, 2006


Private landowner's sign in support of black bear restoration
Wetland Reserve Progam is helping restore habitat for black bears.

Credit: USDA, NRCS

water control structure
Mr. Jernigan standing by new water control structure. Credit: Calvin Lunceford, USFWS
wood duck nest box with metal predator shield
Wood duck nest box is installed as a Partners project. Credit: USFWS
mallard drake
Mallards can benefit from Partners wetland habitat projects. Credit: USFWS
mallard drake
Hydrology restoration Partners project. Credit: Calvin Lunceford, USFWS
holding a long leaf pine tubing ready to plant
Birds use a Partners wetland project. Credit: Calvin Lunceford, USFWS
holding a long leaf pine tubing ready to plant
A long-leaf pine tubing ready to plant. Credit: USFWS
Gopher toroise hatchling
Gopher toroise hatchling in long-leaf pine habitat. Credit: USFWS
gopher tortoise habitat management sign
Landowner's workshop featuring gopher tortoise habitat managment. Credit: Edward Longino
bobwhite quail
Bobwhite quail can benefit from Partners upland habitat projects. Credit: Randy Browning, USFWS


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Last updated: April 8, 2016