Mississippi Ecological Services Field Office
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Our Youth Ambassador

Our youth ambassador standing in a pond

Our youth ambassador is not afraid of getting wet. Credit: Scott Wiggers, USFWS

"Teen Learning about Us and Sharing to You"

We selected Malika Shettar to be our youth ambassador for the year. Her task as a youth ambassador is to research and become actively involved with our field office - the staff, projects and events. She will promote our field office to the online community, to her peers, and her local community. Malika will share her experiences here and on the Youth Ambassador Blog web site. In addition, she has been asked to think of creative ways to promote the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the work of our field office using Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, or any other new media tool.



Here are some photographs of Malika working with our field office:



flat tire
Experiencing the "joys" of field work. Credit: Scott Wiggers, USFWS
teaching about endangered species to elementary stdents
Teaching about endangered species. Credit: Terri Jacobson, USFWS
flat tire
Malika and tarantula at Bug Camp. Credit: USFWS

bee hive
Learning about bees as pollinators. Credit: Scott Wiggers, USFWS

collecting insects
Collecting insects off a dead beaver. Credit: Terri Jacobson, USFWS

tying a knot
Practicing knot tying. Credit: Tyler Ollivieri, Volunteer

holding metal funnel net filled with shrimp
Successful catch of shrimp. Credit: Paul Hartfield, USFWS
flat tire
Taking water temperature. Credit: Paul Hartfield, USFWS
setting a metal funnel trap in river to catch shrimp
Malika sets a funnel trap to catch shrimp. Credit: Paul Hartfield, USFWS
setting a metal funnel trap in river to catch shrimp
Mississippi River shrimp. Credit: Malika Shettar, USFWS

taking photograph of girl fishing
Taking photographs at Outdoorama. Credit: Deborah Logan

helping a girl with fishing pole
Malika helping at fishing event. Credit: Connie Dickard, USFWS

picture of Malika holding ferret
Holding a ferret at Outdoorama. Credit: Connie Dickard, USFWS


Last Updated: April 18, 2013