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bayou darter is a brownish yellow fish about the size of your index finger. Credit: USFWS

A live Bayou Darter in non breeding colors.

Credit: Terri Jacobson USFWS


Bayou Darter


The Bayou Darter is a threatened species which was listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1975. The small darter lives in the Bayou Pierre Watershed in southwest Mississippi. This is the only place that the bayou darter is found. The darter lives in streams and rivers with gravel bottoms.


Click here for a fact sheet on the Bayou Darter


Bayou Pierre Watershed: The Bayou Pierre River begins its path as small streams just northwest of Brookhaven. Then it meanders south of Hazlehurst, joining up with the Little Bayou Pierre just west of Port Gibson, before emptying into the Mississippi River near the historical town of Bruinsburg. The Bayou Pierre River system drains much of Hinds, Copiah, and Claiborne counties.

map of watershed Credit: USFWS

Bayou Pierre Watershed located in southwest Mississippi. Credit:USFWS


Bayou Pierre Watershed Enhancement Group

We are a consortium of landowners, agencies, and organizations who want to improve the quality of the water, land, and wildlife within the Bayou Pierre River System.


NEW - October 3rd, 2012 - Presentation of Water Quality Kits to Mrs. Hood 10th Grade Class at Brookhaven Academy.


Presentation pictures with captions

News Release


Additional Pictures (click for larger view)


Discussion on Water QualityHanding off of kitsStudents Listening to Water Quality Lecture

Biologist Daniel Gregg presenting informationStudents holding donated kits



April 26, 2012 Group Meeting


The Bayou Pierre Watershed Enancement Group held their first meeting at the Copiah County Fairgrounds Extension Building.

Power Point presentations from the meeting:

Objective of Meeting and Historical Perspective of the Darter presentation by Daniel Drennen, USFWS.

State Watershed Restoration Projects presentation by Matthew Hicks, USGS.

Biologist giving slide presntation Credit: USFWS

Biologist discussing project objectives. Credit: Terri Jacobson, USFWS

Sedimentation and Erosion Restoration presentation by Eddy Langendoen, Sedimentation Lab, Oxford.

Land Cover and Use in the Bayou Pierre Watershed presentation by Ryan Theel, USFWS.

Bayou Darter Distribution presentation Matt Roberts, MMNS.

Little Bayou Pierre River Research presentation by Jake Shaffer, USM.

A Landowners Perspective presentation by Dr. Lee Nicholes.

South Independent Stream Update presentation by Donetta McCollum, DEQ.

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Projects presentation by Jeffrey Lee, USFWS.


Read the article by Carolyn Diamond published in the Copiah County Courier.


For more information about the Bayou Darter or the the Watershed Enhancement Group, contact: Daniel Drennen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Mississippi Field Office, 6578 Dogwood View Parkway, Jackson, MS 39213.

Email: Daniel Drennen

Phone: 601-321-1127.

Biologist walking along stream bank observing for likely habitat.
Biologist surveying likely habitat. Notice the off road vehicle tracks on the gravel bar.

Credit: USFWS

Biologists attempting to capture Bayou Darters with a net.
Monitoring for Bayou Dater.

Credit: USFWS

Biologists sifiting through netted contents.
Identifying captured fish in net.

Credit: USFWS

Biologists holding a captured Bayou Darter in a small observation tank.
Captured Bayou Darter.

Credit: USFWS


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