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Maps of Biological Resources


Diurnal Bird Corridor Maps


Resource Maps for Terrestrial Areas


Iowa - Resource Area map


Ohio - Monitoring Level Map (based upon density of biological resources)


Grassland Birds of Minnesota - Potential Species Richness - LINK software example output (pdf 15 MB)


Grassland Birds of Minnesota - Potential Species Occurrence - LINK software example output (pdf 12 MB)


Region 3 Raptor Spring Migration Routes (pdf 1.4 MB)


Region 3 Raptor Fall Migration Routes (pdf 1.3 MB)


Region 3 Service Lands and Wind Resources (pdf 0.8 MB)


Sandhill Crane Autumn Staging Areas





Purple Martin Roost Locations


Resource Maps of Colonial Nesting Waterbird Sites: These maps show the locations of known colonial waterbird nest sites.


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Last updated: April 23, 2015