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Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily


Minnesota dwarf trout lily.

Photo by USFWS; Phil Delphey

The Minnesota dwarf trout lily is an endangered plant that blooms during early spring in the woodlands of southeastern Minnesota in the Cannon River valley. As a spring ephemeral, the trout lily blooms, along with many other woodland wildflowers, when sunlight reaches the forest floor before deciduous trees fully leaf out. A good place to see the dwarf trout lily is at Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park.


The Minnesota dwarf trout lily was listed as endangered on March 26, 1986 because its existence was threatened due to loss of woodlands that were converted for agriculture and housing developments or extensively logged.


About half of the known populations of the Minnesota dwarf trout lily are on public lands where they are protected. On private lands, many populations and the surrounding woodlands are voluntarily protected by landowners.


Life History, Ecology, and Regulatory Information

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Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily 5-Year Review Adobe PDF icon 32-page PDF; 1.0MB


2006 S6 Grant Project: Recovery activities for selected federally listed species in Minnesota


Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily Recovery Plan (1987) Adobe PDF icon 40-page PDF; 4.5MB


S7 Guidance

Determining Whether Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily (Erythronium propullans) May be Present in a Project Area in Minnesota




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Last updated: July 9, 2019