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Link to background information about the Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon website, the site map, and contact information.

Background Information

juvenile lake sturgeonThis site was established to provide focus for lake sturgeon restoration and management activities throughout the Great Lakes Basin.  Over the past few years interest and efforts directed at the recovery of this native Great Lakes fish species have been increasing without the benefits of visibility afforded to sport species.  Federal, state, tribal, provincial and academic natural resource specialists have been communicating and collaborating for compilation of status and trends information on the species in numerous Great Lakes locations.  A website specifically focused on Great Lakes lake sturgeon was thought to be appropriate to enhance the efficiency of this information exchange.

In an effort to provide leadership for this multi-agency, interbasin collaborative effort, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Alpena Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office secured internal funding for creation and maintenance of this website through its Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem Team. This page contains information from a number of agencies working on lake sturgeon management, research, conservation and restoration in the Great Lakes basin, as well as links to other lake sturgeon associated web sites.  The long-range goal of this site is to have it serve as a focal point for anyone wanting information on Great Lakes lake sturgeon.

If you or your affiliation wishes to include your activities and information on this web site, please contact the Webmaster.

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Last updated: March 3, 2016