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lake sturgeonThe Gregory A.D. representatives listed below are conducting lake sturgeon activities:

Gregory A.D.

Lake Sturgeon Coordinators:  Greg Lashbrook & Kathy Johnson


Phone: (810) 327-2507

Office Information:
Gregory A.D.
4756 Burtch Rd., Suite 69
Lakeport, MI 48059

  • Photos of IMAX Filming of Lake Sturgeon in the St. Clair River
    Photo 1 - Photo 2

  • Photos of Lake Sturgeon
    Lower St. Clair River - Wolf River, WI

  • Some of Gregory A.D.'s images were selected by the Royal Ontario Museum for thier new guide - "The ROM Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Ontario".

  • Gregory A.D. provided the background image for the new sturgeon display at the Holland center.
Lake Sturgeon Research / Activities
Gregory A.D. specializes in freshwater underwater filming. We offer a complete lake sturgeon life cycle stock library, in addition to footage of different research approaches such as set lines, drift nets and egg collection. For more than twenty years we have assisted the MDNR, USGS and USFWS among others, with a wide variety of research projects. From the placement of fixed underwater camera systems, to assisting with the filming of the IMAX movie "Mysteries of the Great Lakes", Gregory A.D. has established itself as a leader in freshwater marine life. Please visit our website for additional information
  • Gregory A.D. worked with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians and produced a DVD showcasing their work that is available to the public. They also spent a week with Ron Bruch on the Wolf River in Wisconsin and took some new and interesting images of lake sturgeon.

  • Gregory A.D.provided a video program during the sturgeon symposium at the 139th annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society's held in Nashville, TN from August 30 to September 3, 2009.

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