Proceedings of the 2006 Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Coordination Meeting

Poster Presentations

Ed Baker (Michigan DNR) - Characteristics of spawning lake sturgeon in the Black River, 2001-2006

David Bos (Purdue University) - Genetic determination of lake sturgeon sex

Philip Cochran/Rob Elliott (Missouri Department of Conservation/USFWS) - Historical distribution of lake sturgeon in the Lake Michigan Basin

Dawn Dittman (USGS) - Assessment of Lake Sturgeon Habitat in Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Tributaries

Dawn Dittman (USGS) - New York Lake Sturgeon Projects

Barbara I. Evans (LSSU) - Retinal development and light response in larval lake sturgeon

Jeannette Krieger-Kanefsky (OSU) - Investigation of 18S rRNA gene variant expression in lake sturgeon tissues

Heidi Keuler (UW La Crosse and USFWS) - Lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) growth and condition factors in Legend Lake and the Wolf River/Lake Winnebago System of northeastern Wisconsin

Tracy Kolb (MSU) and Bill Taylor (MSU) - Developing an information infrastructure for North American sturgeon

Scott Koproski (USFWS) and Roger Greil (LSSU) - Adult lake sturgeon movement patterns in the St Marys River

Travis Moore (Missouri Department of Conservation) - Lake sturgeon capture methods and habitat use in the lower pooled portion of the Upper Mississippi River, Missouri

Holly Patrick (Purdue University) - Host-size selection and lethality of lake surgeon by sea lamprey (interactive poster/presentation)

Mike Thomas (Michigan DNR) - Size does matter (at least for hooks)

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