Proceedings of the 2006 Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Coordination Meeting

Lake Ontario Basin & St. Lawrence River

The discussion included a brief description of lake sturgeon work during the previous year

Dawn Dittman and Betsy Trometer, with input from Doug Carlson

Major Topics Covered:
Because there were no representatives from the Province of Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, the discussion focused on activities in the NY waters of Lake Ontario including:

- Updates to the basin map and tables
- Niagara River studies
- Genesee River studies

Discussion Summary:

Updates to population status and basin map/tables
Updates were provided by everyone present.

Niagara River Studies/Issues
Egg and larval lake sturgeon surveys were conducted in 2005 and 2006. No eggs or larval fish were collected. Betsy plans to try drift nets in spring of 2007. There is a need to map substrates in the Niagara Bar which appears to be heavily used by sturgeon all year round. Other issues include spawning habitat identification and needs and better knowledge of the upper Niagara River population.

Genesee River Studies
EPA funded project was completed in September 2006. Monitoring of the stocked lake sturgeon will continue for the near future.

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