Proceedings of the 2006 Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Coordination Meeting

Meeting Evaluation

An evaluation form was distributed to all participants in their registration packet and participants were asked to turn it in upon departure from the meeting. Time was allotted at the end of the meeting to fill out and return the form. Fifty-four evaluation forms were returned. Below are summaries of the responses to the three open ended questions and to the specific questions which participants were asked to rank from strongly agree to strongly disagree. There were also suggestions that will be useful in preparing for and improving future meetings, those suggestions are paraphrased at the end.

Question 1. What aspects of this meeting did you find most useful?

Overall, participants indicated the meeting was beneficial to them. Many of the comments indicated that the meeting was well planned and organized, that presenters did a great job, and that the topics addressed dealt with issues pertinent to their work. The most common response (19) was the benefit of a diverse overview of sturgeon research and management. Presentations and discussions were deemed useful by 17 and 16 meeting participants respectively. Other useful items included networking (12), law enforcement topics (5), and the venue (3).

Question 2. What aspects did you find least useful?

The list of least useful aspects was lead by panel discussions with 5 responses, followed by law enforcement issues (4). Other items listed as least useful included timing/scheduling, venue, handed out information, posters, and a narrow geographical view.

Question 3. Would you like similar Sturgeon Coordination Meetings to be held in the future?

Yes (53)
No (0)
No Comment (1)

The months which attendees at this meeting could participate in future Coordination Meetings are:

Jan - 8 Feb - 7 Mar - 5 Jun - 17 Jul - 2 Aug - 2 Oct - 3 Nov - 35 Dec - 29 No Pref - 6

Other Evaluation Form Suggestions/Comments
• A need to move presentations away from the Lake Michigan and Black Lake populations.
• Need a greater concern for fish passage.
• Well coordinated meeting that remained on schedule.
• Hope the meeting continues on a biennial basis.
• This venue was much nicer than ones in previous years.
• The meeting should be held in a non-smoking facility.
• A casino is not the best choice to hold a professional meeting.
• Conference room seating arrangement was not favorable.
• No clean cups were available during the afternoon session.
• More time for questions would be helpful.
• Longer breaks would give more time for networking.
• It would be nice to be given the packet information before the meeting so that it can be looked over.
• Handout on the talks at the time of the presentations would be helpful.
• Burned CDs of the presentations would be great reference tools.
• Early notice of an upcoming meeting would be nice to help with budgeting for travel.
• Invite speakers from throughout the country and world to increase scope of knowledge.
• Would like to see a new city location each year the meeting is held.
• Kudos to the steering committee.
• All topics were valuable.
• Thanks for putting this together.


The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service steering committee members express our gratitude to other steering committee members Dr. Nancy Auer, Dr. Ed Baker, Dr. Dawn Dittman, Brad Eggold, Dr. Tim Haxton, Marty Holtgren, Lloyd Mohr, and Tom Pratt, for their advice and assistance in organizing and convening this meeting and for serving as moderators during the question and answer periods of the meeting. We thank Jonathan Pyatskowit and Clarice Beckner for their contribution to this meeting which included meeting material preparation, motel and meeting room arrangements, coordination with presenters, and operation of presentation equipment. We thank Fred Hnytka, Greg Drogowski, Todd Schaller, Mike Kitt, and Mary Burnham Curtis who contributed presentations on specific topics by request, along with Craig Tabor, Robert Luke, and Don Waukechon for sharing their expertise as presenters and as panelists for the lake sturgeon law issues discussions. A special thanks to Brenda Archambo and Dona Crist of Sturgeon for Tomorrow, Black Lake Chapter for the numbered and signed, matted sturgeon photograph, shirts, mugs, and sturgeon lapel pins that were donated for door prizes. We express our appreciation to Chris Pullen and Larry Hildebrand from Golder Associates Ltd. for their financial contribution towards the evening social. We also thank the Great Lakes Fishery Trust for recognition of the need for regular coordination meetings, and for provision of the necessary financial support to make them possible.

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