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Completed Planning Projects

All of the comprehensive conservation plans completed in the Midwest Region are available here in portable document format (pdf). Please be aware that all of the plans provided on this site are the original CCPs and do not reflect any modifications that may have been made since the CCP was approved. A variety of factors, including additional habitat planning and wildlife monitoring, may prompt changes to a CCP over the 15-year life of the plan.

If you are looking for current information on refuge activities or events, please look at the refuge's home page. If you follow the links below to a refuge planning page, you'll find a link to that refuge's home page.

Comprehensive conservation plans and other environmental planning documents that have been completed in the Midwest Region are listed alphabetically by refuge:

Agassiz NWR CCP 2005 (Minnesota)

Beltrami Island Land Utilization Project Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan 2013 (Minnesota) (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, 2014 (Missouri)

Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, Minnesota

Big Stone WMD CCP 2003 (Minnesota)

Crab Orchard NWR CCP 2006 (Illinois)

Crane Meadows NWR, 2010 (Minnesota)

Cypress Creek NWR CMP 1997 (Illinois)

Detroit Lakes WMD CCP 2003 (Minnesota)

DeSoto and Boyer Chute NWRs CCP 2014 (Iowa and Nebraska)

Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge CCP 2005 (Michigan)

Driftless Area NWR CCP 2006 (Iowa)

Fairfield Marsh Conservation Partnerships Environmental Assessment 2001 (Wisconsin)

Fergus Falls WMD CCP 2003 (Minnesota)

Fox River National Wildlife Refuge 2007 (Wisconsin)

Glacial Ridge NWR EA-CCP 2016 (Minnesota)

Great Lakes Islands National Wildlife Refuges, Michigan and Wisconsin

Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge, Wisconsin and Illinois

Hamden Slough NWR, Minnesota

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge 2007 (Wisconsin)

Illinois River NWFR Complex CCP 2004 (Illinois)

Iowa Wetlands Management District, 2014 (Iowa)

Iowa River Corridor Project Final Comprehensive Management Plan 2013 (Iowa) (PDF, 14.7 MB)

Leopold Wetland Management District CCP 2008 (Wisconsin)

Kirtland's Warbler Wildlife Management Area, 2009 (Michigan)

Litchfield WMD CCP 2003 (Minnesota)

Little Darby Creek Conservation Through Local Intiatives 2002 (Ohio)

Lost Mound Unit of the Upper Mississippi River NWFR, Establishment Environmental Assessment 2002 (Illinois)

Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge, Environmental Assessment for Proposed Addition 2006 (Kansas and Missouri)

Mark Twain NWR Complex CCP 2004 (Illinois, Iowa and Missouri)

Mille Lacs NWR CCP 2007 (Minnesota)

Mingo NWR CCP 2007 (Missouri)

Minnesota Valley NWR and Wetland Management District CCP 2004 (Minnesota)

Morris WMD CCP 2003 (Minnesota)

Muscatatuck NWR CCP 2009 (Indiana)

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, Iowa

Necedah Coordination Area/Meadow Valley Wildlife Managment Area Work Unit Plan 2011 (Wisconsin) (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Necedah NWR CCP 2004 (Wisconsin)

Northern Tallgrass Prairie NWR Environmental Impact Statement 1998 (Minnesota)

Ottawa NWR Complex CCP 2000 (Ohio)

Ozark Cavefish NWR CCP, 2007 Missouri

Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge, 2008 Indiana

Pilot Knob NWR, 2007 Missouri

Rice Lake NWR CCP 2007 (Minnesota)

Rydell NWR CCP 2001 (Minnesota)

Seney NWR CCP 2009 (Michigan)

Sherburne NWR CCP 2005 (Minnesota)

Shiawassee NWR CCP 2001 (Michigan)

Squaw Creek NWR CCP 2005 (Missouri)

St. Croix Wetland Management District CCP 2008 (Wisconsin)

Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge 2011 (Missouri)

Tamarac NWR and Tamarac Wetland Management District 2010 (Minnesota)

Trempealeau NWR CCP 2008 (Wisconsin)

Union Slough NWR CCP 1996 (Iowa)

Upper Mississippi River NWFR CCP 2006 (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois)

Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Wisconsin

Windom WMD CCP 2003 (Minnesota)

Last updated: May 12, 2017
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