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Ohio Invasive Plants Council

The Ohio Invasive Plants Council participates in statewide efforts to address the threats of invasive species to Ohio's ecosystems and economy by providing leadership and promoting stewardship, education, research, and information exchange.

The purpose of the Ohio Invasive Plants Council is to
  1. raise public awareness about the spread and impact of invasive species, such as effects on the integrity of plant communities and ecosystem services
  2. facilitate the exchange of information concerning management, control, inventory, and monitoring of invasive species
  3. provide forums for all interested parties to discuss issues relating to invasive species
  4. serve as an educational, advisory and technical support council for all aspects of invasive plant species
  5. coordinate activities and information exchange with other invasive species groups
  6. develop, maintain and publish a council-reviewed list of invasive plant species and their cultivars
  7. develop, maintain, and publish a council-reviewed list of non-invasive alternative plant species
  8. promote actions to prevent future introductions of new invasive species
  9. carry on any and all additional activities incident, related, or appropriate to the furtherance of the above purposes

For more information or to get involved with the OIPC, please visit www.oipc.info

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Last updated: February 20, 2012