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December 31, 2013

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Endangered Species Daily - Get an Endangered Species Fact a Day, Every Day, in 2014

Piping plover, black-footed ferret, and purple catspaw by USFWS.
Piping plover, black-footed ferret, and purple catspaw by USFWS.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Midwest Region has launched Endangered Species Daily, an electronic calendar featuring 365 facts about rare plants and animals. Endangered Species Daily facts cover life history and conservation efforts for federally endangered in threatened species around the world, with a focus on Midwest species.

The Midwest is home to a fascinating variety of rare plants and animals – some instantly recognizable and some less well known. Did you know Missouri’s Ozark hellbender, at almost 2 feet long, is one of the world’s largest salamanders? Or that Indiana bats hibernate in clusters of up to 500 bats per square foot? Or that the purple cats paw mussel survives in only one place in the world: an Ohio creek?

Find out how the Endangered Species Act has helped recover the bald eagle, gray wolf and peregrine falcon in the Midwest and learn about recovery efforts for species in danger of extinction, including species around the country and around the globe, like the loggerhead sea turtle, African elephant and giant panda.

Educators, students, and anyone interested in wildlife conservation can keep up to date these and other rare plants and animals with Endangered Species Daily. You’ll learn about imperiled species in the Midwest, the United States and around the world. Subscribers can sign up to automatically receive the daily fact by visiting A full monthly calendar of facts also appears on the site.

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